Pine Flooring


Step 1
The first step in the sanding process is to fix loose boards and check for vulnerable wires and heating pipes before the boards are nailed down again.

Step 2
If you are having the gaps filled between the boards, this comes next. (gap filling) The wood strips / slivers will be level with the boards after sanding

Step 3
The floor will be sanded several times by use a variety of other professional floor sanding machinery, such as belt ,edgers, orbitals, buffing machines and corner sanders, starting with a coarse grade sanding sheet and ending with a fine grade.

Step 4
This is the edging machine and the next step in the sanding process

Step 5
When all the boards are clean and silky smooth I apply the first of 2 coats of matt lacquer(varnish) which is used in conjunction with a hardener for extra protection. ( BONAKEMI-TRAFFIC )

Step 6
In between each coat of varnish, once dry, I buff the varnish

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