Enginereed And Solid Wood Flooring


Engineered wood flooring is the type of floor that is most commonly confused with plastic laminate flooring. This is a wooden floor which has the so-called three-layer construction. A top extra wear resistant lacquer (1) with a natural wood layer (2), which can be renovated/sanded several times and will last for decades. A middle layer of cross-laid softwood strips (3), and a bottom layer has the cross-directional fibres (4). These engineered wood floors are gaining in popularity because they can be refinished like a solid wood floor, and can cost slightly less. Engineered wood flooring can be installed using methods not available with solid wood floors. They can be glued down or free floated. There may be an amount of surface preparation


Solid wood flooring comes in many varieties of wood, widths, thickness and colour to suit almost any requirement. Solid wood flooring is secret or surface nailed onto joists or a quality sub-floor, but can also be glued onto a concrete or wooden sub-floor with plenty of allowance for wood expansion. With the proper care and attention, your solid wood floor will last a lifetime and, like a good wine will improve with age.

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